The Last Radio Ranger is a project begun in 2011 by Brace Beemer’s daughter, Barbara Beemer Daniel, and her son, Bob. Over many years, a wide variety of Brace Beemer and Lone Ranger memorabilia had come into her hands, including photographs, recordings, newspaper articles, family scrapbooks and correspondence. She had collected much of the material personally. Some items were provided by family members, and some were sent to her by fans of Brace and his portrayal of the Lone Ranger.

Her vision had been to use the collection as the basis for production of a documentary telling her father’s remarkable story. His story is much richer than simply one of an actor in a role. It is the story of a son, a boy soldier, a husband, a singer, an author, a father, and, yes, an actor, whose role and life became intertwined in unexpected ways. She dreamed that through the documentary the legacy of his life could be passed to future generations of the family and shared with the many friends and fans, old and new.

She passed shortly after the project was begun. Thanks to the interest and support of the folks listed below, her vision will be realized in 2015.

Family members contributing to the success of the project include:

  • Andrew Beemer
  • Sheri Beemer
  • Anne Beemer Crook
  • Brace Daniel
  • Graeme Daniel
  • Richard Daniel
  • Sally Daniel
  • Sarah Daniel
  • Sinclair Daniel, Jr.
  • Joan Eames Beemer Dole
  • Wendy Beemer Mallow Fitzgerald

We are also indebted to friends of the project who have provided aid:

—Bob Daniel